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The UK is a global tech powerhouse, home to world-leading tech companies and talent from across the globe.

Skills in demand

The UK tech sector

Great innovation is built from a diverse workforce. The UK is welcoming talent from across the globe to work and live in the UK.

The demand for skills in the UK Tech sector continues to grow. In fact, Microsoft forecasting estimates that the UK has the capacity to create a further three million new tech jobs by 2025.

Since the beginning of 2020, tech employees experienced the highest wage increase among all recorded sectors, with median pay rising by more than 25% compared to 17% for the rest of the economy.

With high-paid jobs and increasing opportunities, there’s never been a more exciting time to be a part of the UK Tech sector.

UK tech salaries

Advertised Role 2018 2019 2020 2023 % change
(2018 - 2023)
Front End Developer £35,286 £41,536 £47,439 £55,777 +58%
Data Scientist £45,714 £52,446 £60,000 £62,500 +37%
Software Developer £39,430 £43,601 £50,000 £64,318 +63%
Full Stack Developer £40,964 £45,633 £50,000 £50,000 +22%
Devops Engineer £50,500 £54,295 £60,000 £75,000 +49%
IT System Architect £63,857 £71,839 £72,500 £81,000 +27%
Engineer £36,000 £37,500 £40,000 £38,501 +7%
Java Developer £55,000 £57,500 £60,000 £68,300 +24%
NET Developer £42,500 £42,500 £45,000 £69,939 +65%
Tech strength

UK tech strengths

The UK is one of the best ecosystems in the world to start and grow your business and be at the forefront of innovation.

$5.2 billion was invested into UK businesses during July – September 2023.

In 2023, UK startups have raised $8.9bn so far, an impressive 2.3 times more investment than the next leading European ecosystem, France.

Over the Summer of 2023 the UK benefitted from a bevy of larger VC investments, accounting for five of the top 10 largest deals completed in Europe.

There are more unicorns (a privately owned billion dollar company) than anywhere outside of the US, China and India. We now have seven cities – London, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and Edinburgh – home to at least two unicorn companies. This is not by accident.

In 2022, London was named the best city in the world to be a young entrepreneur, ahead of New York City, San Francisco and Moscow

The UK Tech ecosystem is a rich landscape with everything you need to develop your career, be at the forefront of cutting edge innovation and scale up the tech business of your dreams.

Tech strength

Start up and scale up ecosystem value


Emerging tech

Emerging tech clusters in the UK

The UK is home to tech pioneers from across the globe. In the face of global challenges, resilient tech leaders are rebuilding our global economy and setting the future trajectory of tech.

We are seeing regional tech specialisms and clusters develop across the UK, from FinTech in Scotland and Wales; to EdTech in the West Midlands and North West; cyber security in Northern Ireland and South West; and Health tech in the East Midlands and Scotland.

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Technology across the UK

The UK Tech ecosystem is a warm and collaborative family, seeking to share experiences, knowledge and skills. With hundreds of events and development opportunities taking place every year, there’s never been a better place to connect with your peers, stakeholders and grow your careers.

10th - 14th June 2024

London Tech Week

The UK’s tech flagship event, London Tech Week, will be back in June welcoming 20,000+ inspirational founders, global leaders, start-up entrepreneurs, senior investors and tech rising stars.

9th - 10th July 2024

Turing Fest

Turing Fest enables you to learn and connect with the best in tech, gain practical insight into the art and science of building, growing and leading successful startups and high-growth tech businesses.

25th September 2024

Scotland Fintech Festival

The festival will contain conferences, meet-ups, morning breakfast sessions, evening networking events and much more.

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