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Whether you're an academic, scientist, researcher, or entrepreneur - the UK has a vast funding ecosystem with a wide range of opportunities. Here are some examples of where you can find the right funding opportunity for you.

Publication Date:
UK-South Korea CR&D 2024
Publication Date
UK registered businesses can apply for a share of up to £6 million for the purpose of developing innovative proposals with South Korea. You must collaborate with at least one South Korean business applying under the equivalent KIAT or KETEP programme. 2024-02-23
Accelerating the Green Economy Centres
Publication Date
Invited applications to apply for funding to establish an Accelerating the Green Economy Centre to support the growth of emerging green industries, in economic geographies across the UK. You can only apply if we have invited you to do so following a successful outline application. 2024-02-23
Smart Data Research UK Data Services
Publication Date
Apply for funding to deliver Smart Data Research UK data services. Data services will acquire, steward and enable safe access to smart data. They will build long-term partnerships with data owners, demonstrate the potential of smart data, and provide technical infrastructure, governance and user support to a broad research community. 2024-02-22
EPSRC UK Catalysis Hub phase III
Publication Date
Invitation only to the UK Catalysis Hub to apply for funding to consolidate capacity in catalysis research and widen stakeholder engagement to empower this community to deliver integrated and ambitious programmes of collaborative and adventurous catalysis research that underpins UK net zero and sustainability priorities. 2024-02-22
Senior non-clinical fellowship
Publication Date
Apply for support to become an internationally recognised research leader. Your research can focus on any area of MRC remit to improve human health. You must: have a PhD or equivalent have experience leading research funded by a major funder be managing your own independent research group 2024-02-22
Career development award
Publication Date
Apply for support to become an independent researcher in a medical research field. Your research can focus on any area of Medical Research Council's (MRC’s) remit to improve human health. You must: have a PhD or equivalent show evidence of career progression show clear plans for developing as a leader in your area of research 2024-02-22
ESRC postdoctoral fellowships
Publication Date
Apply for a postdoctoral fellowship to develop your career by consolidating your PhD through developing publications, your networks and your research and professional skills. Fellowships must be held at a research organisation that is part of a Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP). 2024-02-21
Late-stage commercialisation scheme 2024
Publication Date
Apply for funding to commercialise your technology or science developed from the STFC particle physics, astronomy and nuclear physics (PPAN) community. The funding aims to support the PPAN community to develop technology and science towards commercialisation. 2024-02-20
SBRI: accessible solutions for disrupted journeys
Publication Date
Organisations can apply for a share of £1 million, inclusive of VAT. This is to develop an accessible and inclusive focused solution, physical or digital, to support transport users when a journey is disrupted. This is a Small Business Research Initiative (SBRI) competition. 2024-02-19
Future underground dark matter science experiments
Publication Date
Only applicants who have successfully submitted an expression of interest can apply. Apply for funding for a dark matter science experiment situated at the Boulby Underground Laboratory. It is anticipated that a single direct search dark matter experiment that will significantly advance the field will be funded. You must be based at a UK research organisation eligible for STFC funding. 2024-02-19
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